Sweet Harmony

This summer, Goodwood will release a collaboration bourbon with Three Chord Bourbon after a year-long “barrel tour” over multiple states. Inspired by music, enhanced by technology, Three Chord Bourbon embodies the spirit of creativity and innovation. Together, Goodwood and Three Chord have created a blend that will harmonize with any bourbon lover.

The barrel tour has lasted for more than twelve months between Kentucky Goodwood’s locations and Michigan’s Three Chord homestead. First, Goodwood’s signature imperial stout was aged in Three Chord bourbon barrels for four months. That brew, also named Sweet Harmony, was released on tap last summer at Goodwood locations. The collab was a bourbon cocoa dream of a beer clocking in at 10% abv. From there, the barrels were refilled with a blend of Kentucky bourbons and aged for another eight months in Michigan. The result is a deep oak and buttery caramel goodness with chocolate malty notes surrounded by warm oak with a rich mouthfeel, followed by a long finish of malty molasses and tobacco notes. The final and bottled result is a blend of fifteen, seven and six year old Kentucky bourbons with 55.5% abv. Sweet Harmony will be available for purchase on July 1.

“Three Chord sources high quality and rare whiskies from the top distilleries in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Indiana for use in blends, single-source bottling, and special releases. By using carefully selected barrels and combining unique flavor profiles, Three Chord creates an expression that is greater than the sum of its parts. Three Chord whiskies are aged in heavy toast 4 char #1 barrels, French and American oak “hybrid” char #3 barrels, barrels imported from Cognac (not charred), and barrels from Spain, (not charred). After blending, they are returned to the barrels a second time, then bottled in Chelsea, Michigan. Finally, each small batch blend of Three Chord is evaluated by a trained sensory panel to ensure an uncommon depth of flavor, aroma, and character in each bottle.” threechordbourbon.com

Goodwood and Three Chord invite you to celebrate their collaboration at a bourbon release dinner on June 30 at the Goodwood Frankfort location. Meet and greet with Three Chord Whiskeymaker, Ari Sussman (along with the Goodwood team), be among the first to taste the new bourbon prior to its release and enjoy dinner and drinks on the Kentucky River. Learn more at http://www.goodwood.beer.

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