A Sweet Collaboration

We’re releasing a new collab this weekend! Dad’s gonna love it. We’ve been aging beer in Three Chord Bourbon barrels for months and now’s the time. We’re calling it Sweet Harmony and it’s a bourbon cocoa dream of a beer that’s 10% ABV. It’ll be on tap TODAY until it’s gone. Available on draft only at Goodwood locations.

About Three Chord Bourbon

Our portfolio embodies the heart and soul of music. Our inspiration for a leisure lifestyle that encourages you to enjoy your whiskey’s and gather with family, friends and community! Like the feeling you get when you hear that perfect song, you’ll know that our whiskeys are right from the first sip. It sings with so much flavor you will want an encore!

Now that the barrels have been emptied, we’re sending them back home to Three Chord where they will be aging a bourbon inside of them. Stay tuned for special release information later this year!

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