Q & A with The Brewer

We caught up with head brewer, Eric Fear over a good beer. Eric recently moved to Louisville from Indianapolis to jump into a brewing role with us. We’re glad he landed here and we can’t wait to see what he brews up!

Q: What’s your experience in the brewing industry?

A: I started out with home brewing about 25 years ago as a hobby. I worked in the restaurant industry, then switched to selling wine. I jumped from wine to beer, then began volunteering at the Sun King taproom in their early years. The manager offered me a full time position, and the rest is history! I have since gained experience with both sales and production, but I love making beer most of all.

Q: What do you love about working for Goodwood?

A: I love working for Goodwood because it’s a well-known, established company. The tap rooms are beautiful and have a rich history, especially the Nulu building. Goodwood has a solid recipe base to work with, which also makes things easier from a brewing standpoint.

Q: What upcoming projects are you excited about? What are you drinking these days?

A: I’m still working to get settled in as the head brewer, but playing with bourbon barrels is always fun! Jerry (Director of Brewery Operations) and I are changing over the Goodwood IPA recipe, which will be brewed for the first time next week. We’ve been experimenting with new recipes to test out at different Goodwood locations. If you’re in the area, come try my Coffee Experiment #1, a crisp, light amber infused with coffee from Limelight Coffee Roasters in Broad Ripple, Indiana. The result is a bright amber maltiness with subtle hints of coffee start to finish. Looking further, you’ll find berries and chocolate all coming from the malt/coffee blend. It’s delicious! Coffee Experiment #2 is coming soon and will feature our Walnut Brown Ale as a base. While you may think of our main canned core beers when you hear about Goodwood, we’ve got way more to offer than just that. You can find small batches of barrel aged experiments or specialty beers on tap at all of our locations.